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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Got Meme'd

^^^^^It's an award.^^^^^^
I was kindly awarded one of those meme' thingys Iv'e often seen mentioned on other blogs but never been involved with, until now. Kelly at tagged me over at her blog, which means I must now answer some questions about myself and tag a few others so that they too receive the acknowledgement their wonderful blogs deserve.
Let me add, I suspect the humour and wit Iv'e seen in usual responses to these questions will be lacking here, so apologies in advance.

Fave Color - My answer depends on context. If it refers to clothes, then black, more generally though it gets tough. I am partial to lots of colours and have no favourite. There's a paint colour called Seductress, which is a deep red, I really like.

Fave Animal - This is tough as all animals are intriguing to me.  Iv'e been swimming with Stingrays a lot lately so am currently quite interested in them, and who doesn't love dolphins? (yes I know the boy dolphins can get quite nasty). Dogs, cats, iguanas, ants.  I like them all.

Fave Number - I know this is getting boring but again no favourite, though if my life depended on an answer I'd go with 13. My husband and I met on a Friday 13th.

Fave Drink - Aaahhh here I go again, no one fave, it's all about context. Winter it's red wine. I like a bold Shiraz. Summer it's white wine. Celebrations I like bubbles. I also enjoy a well made Mojito. Yes, alcohol is my favourite. But I never start the day without a good coffee.

Facebook or Twitter - Facebook hands down. It allows me to maintain contact with friends and family who are interstate and overseas. And has allowed me to find some great support and advice via a FB group I created for parents who choose ABA for their autistic children.  Anyone reading this is free to join should they wish.

Passion - Autism. You thought I was going to say alcohol didn't you. Since my sons diagnosis a little over a year ago I have become passionate about reading, writing and discussing autism. I have just been accepted into a Masters in Autism Studies degree at Griffith University.

Giving or Receiving Presents - I do get a thrill from receiving a good gift, but as I get older the enjoyment from seeking and giving a great pressie (I bought my husband a Star for his 40th) increases, so I'll go with giving.

Fave Day - Christmas. I'm not Christian so apologies to those who are and take offence at the consumerism aspect, but I delight in watching my kids on Christmas morning opening their presents. We wander down to the beach for a morning swim, then back home to prepare for the arrival of family, where we spend the rest of the day over indulging. It's a lovely time of year that never gets tired when you have children in your life. (I want to acknowledge for many families Christmas is a difficult time to navigate as I blogged recently)

Flower - Oh boy, like animals, I adore flowers. All flowers. But if I had to choose just one variety I can't go past the incredible beauty and diversity of Orchids.

So now I need to mention a couple of my own fave blogs. They are


  1. Awesome! Nice to learn a bit more about you. I look forward to reading your future posts and working my way through your archive. :)

    1. Thanks so much Kelly. I really appreciate your kind words.

  2. Just found your blog via Unplanned Trip to Holland. Your "About Me" made me smile. I used to be a quack. Then I had one son with autism, and another with asthma. Once I opened my eyes, I could no longer be a fool, and would not be a fraud. I never thought I liked helping people all that much, but I now realize chiropractic was never all that helpful.

    1. Good for you Papa Bear. It's angers me when I encounter professionals who are burnt out but refuse to move on. Their clients/patients/customers pay the price. I didn't want to go down that path.

  3. I love your blog, it's great to see it getting more recognition and new visitors.

    And thanks for mentioning mine as one of your favourite blogs too!

  4. So Ajax and A&O you realise you guys are now tagged :))))

    1. Yes ma'am, and since it's happened to me twice now I suppose I best comply with the Liebster. I'll do it tomorrow I think; gives me time to mull over my favourite colour :)

  5. Good on ya! Nice to read a bit more about you as well. :)