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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sheldon Cooper.

For those of you who do not know who Sheldon Cooper is, he is this guy,

The Big Bang Theory is an American comedy that's lasted several seasons and appears to be enjoying some success. It's central character is Sheldon,  and although producers do not directly acknowledge he has Aspergers, it is impossible to watch the show with any knowledge of ASD and not see the clear links.

What is also curious to me is how popular this character is. On Facebook he makes a single comment about the date The Big Bang Theory is due to recommence, and this generates over fifty five thousand 'likes'. and over two thousand comments. I find this fascinating given the struggles, if his character lived in the 'real world', he would have to make friends. But I get it. He is incredibly endearing to me also. Is that because I understand something of Aspergers? Are all those fans who follow Sheldon Aspies, diagnosed or otherwise, or is there something else about his character that resonates with people? I dont know the answers, I just find it interesting to ponder.

If you have not seen the show before you can enjoy a snippet below.  Prepare to become hooked. There are lots of clips on Youtube to enjoy should you wish to see more.


  1. My Lily and Rosie adore him, as do we all in the house. He's our favorite character because of his quirks, his efforts to understand at times, and his refusal at others to be bothered by rituals that make no sense to him.

  2. I LOVE Sheldon (and have, like, the same freaking wardrobe, and if he is wearing a t-shirt I don't have, I am looking for it as we speak!)

    He makes a better aspie than some people who are called Aspies on American TV (Ugh, Boston Legal... if you haven't seen the show, consider yourself lucky)... btw, there is one episode where he "trains" Penny, the hot neighbor, and it reminded me so much of ABA haha

    There's a lot of wonderful reality I think in that show. As an aspie, he is obviously doing very well, and you get the feeling that the modern ability to find like-minded people thru the internet and relate to them about specific interests opens a wonderful world for people who deviate from the norm in one way or another. He's a gamer, very computer savy, and he has found people who can relate to him, even if they find some of his habits and personality traits exasperating at times. Love him, love the show.

  3. I have seen the episode you speak of Sunshine. It is absolutely based on behavioural psychology, giving her the chocolates each time she says or does something he approves of.

    I wonder if people forgive him for his social faux pas because of his brilliance? It's interesting he is so adored.

    I love his attempts to understand sarcasm.