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Monday, August 29, 2011

Aspergers in Love

Yeah, yeah I know. I'm slack by posting so much of other peoples work at the moment, but I enjoy reading these articles and hope that in sharing, others will too.  Below is a link to the Telegraph in the UK. It explores the complexities of ASD, specifically Aspergers,  and intimate relationships. A tricky terrain to negotiate for all concerned. And not often written about in mainstream media.

 I recently finished reading 'Be Different' by John Elder Robison, in which he talks about having to be chosen by his wife, as he had no confidence to approach women who took his fancy.  Internet dating it seems, is increasing the possibilities for people on the spectrum to meet others via a medium that is less threatening than face to face social interactions. At least initially.

(Speaking of John Robison, he arrives in Australia in a couple of days, but more of that soon)



  1. I really enjoy all the little clips, articles, odds and ends that you post!! You introduced me to Tim Minchin, something both my husband and I thank you for.

    Thanks for this article too. It was a really touching article. Even though my son doesn't have AS, a lot of things are similar... I hope he finds his Sarah!!

  2. HI MM and thanks. I am so delighted to have introduced you to Tim.