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Saturday, December 18, 2010


In the last week Harri has added hand flapping and lining up chairs to his Autistic repertoire. And his delayed echolalia has really cranked up a notch. It is so confronting to see these classic symptoms starting to emerge. I know how fortunate we are to have an early diagnosis thereby allowing for early intervention and hopefully a good prognosis. But it also means being painfully aware that we are yet to witness the full presentation of symptoms and behaviours.

Because til recently he had not exhibited a lot of common ASD traits I had been able to convince myself that his Autism is at the most mild end of the spectrum. So my stomach lurched when I walked into the loungeroom to find a neat row of chairs yesterday. I immediately dismantled the line up and returned the chairs to their rightful place in the next room. And tried not to panic. Earlier in the week, while waiting for his lunch his frustration manifested itself in a fit of hand flapping and whining. Again my heart sunk. More emerging behaviours, more evidence of Autism. I'm starting to feel as if I am in a tug of war for Harri. Autism at one end of the rope and me at the other.

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