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Monday, November 1, 2010

Quacks everywhere.

Ok, let me say from the outset I am not a fan of alternative therapies. I tend to prefer the more scientifically tested methods of healthcare. And I admit to being both astounded and frustrated by those who subscribe to homeopathy, chrystals, psychic healing etc etc. So I dont come to this Autism business with an open mind. And boy am I glad about that. It seems that every quack peddling their particular type of crazy has lept aboard the ASD train to flog their wares.

I don't want to bore readers with a modern history of Autism. Those who are keen to know more can find plenty of information on the internet. Around 50 years or so were these unique behaviours formally clumped together and named, and only since the 70's has Autism started to gather community attention. In the last decade there seems to have been a surge in community awareness, via movies and literature. Think Rainman. And consequently plenty of self appointed experts promising cures and offering children up as examples of success.

I can comprehend how easily a parent may be swept up by promises of cures. However to fall for this you would also have to have a misunderstanding of how Autism manifests within the brain. There is no doubt children with caring, attentive parents and caregivers can make great strides, but the notion of cure, from all I have read, appears to be a complete furphy.

There is a great site called Quackwatch. They have a specific section for Autism. ( I encourage anyone interested in Autism/Aspergers to seek out this site to ensure they are full informed prior to commencing any alternative therapies that may prove both expensive and a sidetrack to obtaining proven methods of assistance.

And a final warning to anyone in the future who may try to capitalise on my sons disability.
F#$% off!

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