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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Social Story Preparation.

Ive started to put together a chapter book of sorts as a social story to prepare the kids for our epic adventure. OK, truth be told it's possibly as much for my benefit. Anyway, breaking our trip down into sections is necessary due to such a busy itinerary. Ive just finished the first part and have to say, it's quite a lot of fun. Being an IT luddite I cant work out how to post the Word document I've created into Blogger, but let me tell you this much, if I can create a little booklet using a Mac and Word document so can you. Write your text, go to google images, select what suits best and drag it into the document. Too easy. Check out some of these great pics Ive used for Chapter One which describes the airport, checkin and flight to London via Dubai.

OK, so the second last picture is saturated in optimism, but I can dream.

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