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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dismiss the Diss.

Here's a tip from the 'statement of the obvious' files. Research your air carrier and stop over options prior to buying your tickets. Do not do what I've done and read online reviews after the fact. People it seems really enjoy a whine, and the internet takes whinging to an international audience which lends greater encouragement to those who feel hard done by.  So if you're like me and can plan a trip overseas that should be filled with excited anticipation and turn it into an expectation of impending doom, read trip advisor, flight guru and other relevant websites that exist for public bitching first up, then book your flights, accommodation and so on.

Based on the online public feedback Ive read lately we've chosen the worst airline due to hard seats and terrible service. The worst stop-over destination in Dubai due to shambolic airport systems and disinterested ground staff. The worst accommodation options where we will all surely come home with bed bug bites,  and so on and so forth ad infinitum. Yep, there's a hell of a lot of complainers out there. And being predisposed to neuroticism means I read all these critical assessments of our chosen airline, destinations, accommodation and immediately add them to the list of things to fret about. So if you're like me and tend to worry, do your travel planning well before you hand over the cash.

Alternatively you can take my new approach to internet arm chair critics by dismissing them if they do not spell correctly. I figure we live in the age of the spell check, if you cant be bothered correcting the words your computer alerts you to then just perhaps your attention to detail isn't as great as you want me to believe.  I find doing this drastically narrows down the reviews that rate any real consideration.

Secondly instead of reading all online reviews, fine tune your search by putting in the words good, great or positive reviews. You'll find people still list issues to hold in mind but are far more even tempered and helpful in their feedback. Also Youtube is your friend. Ive found the most reassuring information is based on what I can see for myself. Harri and I watch Youtube clips of Emirates flights of B777-300 and the A380 Airbus so we can get a sense of the layout of the plane, the in flight entertainment options, the menu, room for movement. Same goes for the airports, the train stations, the hotels, the cities and so on. It might seem like overkill to some, but we enjoy it and I feel much more  able to prepare the kids for what's coming next. This helps them to share any concerns they may be harbouring and for me to hopefully alleviate them ahead of time.

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