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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pinterest Keeping it Real Week.

My brilliant friend Bec at Snagglebox wrote a hilarious piece on what real Pinterest parenting looks like. Click the hyper link above to see for yourself before reading any further. I'll wait.

So I thought why not take her post and run with it for the sake of some laughs. I know some very funny writers in the online autism world and figured there's some hysterics to be had, and hey, who couldn't use the distraction these days? So bloggers get posting and Pinning.

 I'm kicking it off with my kid's dinner from last night. Fish Finger Deluxe aka Stigmata (thanks Ben :) The crooked fish finger on the blue plate is evidence of my wine impaired sense of symmetry. I'm keeping it real! 

Fish Finger Deluxe