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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Enough About the 'Autism Epidemic' Already.


  1. But you should be able to get a vaccine for it! :D

  2. It sounds like they did a study to recap another study. I'm not sure why but Ok....

  3. Ya, I share Lizbeth's confustion. Didn't they already do this study?

    I dunno, tho. I know I'm not being scientific- everybody has their woo I guess... But personal anecdote is coloring my judgment here. "Epidemic" is a little alarmist, but dang. Maybe I'd put myself at ease if I found other autists in my family tree a ways back...

  4. Sunshine, I reckon if you don't have any family members you can see in either you and your childs father's family, then it is possible your child's ASD is caused by a de novo mutation, or like with my hubby and I, our unique genetic combo created quirky kids.
    Have you read Unstrange Minds by Roy Grinker?