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Monday, October 10, 2011


Here's a few things I've learnt today about eggs.

  • They make a particular sound when landing on wooden floor boards. So distinct that upon hearing said noise one should stop what they are doing and track down source immediately. 
  • From the height of a dining table chair they can be projected quite a surprising length from the fridge where they were obtained.
  • A dozen eggs smashed on a floor looks like twice as many.
  • Cleaning eggs off above mentioned floorboards is more difficult that one might imagine. 
  • Don't mess about with dish clothes, go straight for the paper towels. Seems obvious now...
  • Once your almost three year old has experienced the thrill of hurling eggs about the place, come to terms with the reality that you will never again be able to have eggs in your fridge. Ever.
I hope readers find this info helpful.


  1. I shouldn't be laughing at this, I really shouldn't!!! Based on my 22 month old, I know this is in my future. I'll remember the paper towels!

  2. Please laugh away. My 6 year old daughter was (while watching).

  3. Do you have chooks? It can be an expensive hobby, smashing eggs.

  4. We did have chooks but not anymore. Looks like eggs are set to become a luxury in our house. Only on birthdays and maybe Easter.

  5. Oh, no! I shouldn't be laughing either but OH MY I know what this can mean. Good luck to you. Will you have to get a special fridge with padlock to keep eggs in? Or switch to powdered eggs which won't be nearly as fun to drop?

  6. RWFM at the moment I really dont thing we can buy eggs. I know the little guy will go looking to do it again and padlocks (though I did consider it) will be a hassle. Powdered egg? They have that? Sounds awful.

  7. No, it's just freeze dried egg. Look up freeze drying. Sublimation = magic stuff. Just add water and poof! Egg.

  8. Think I'll just stick with eggs for special occasions until the memories of egg hurling begin to fade in Harri's mind.