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Monday, August 1, 2011

A Great Example of Anti Vaccination Lunacy.

Below is a comment I received recently on this blog. According to Anonymous, I and all the others who commented on the thread were 'fuck heads' for vaccinating our "innocent children". I did consider at first  this was a troll comment. But on further reflection feel it probably is the genuine opinion of an inarticulate ignoramus. I have no problem with disagreement on this blog, in fact I think the blogosphere is an excellent tool for rigorous debate. But the use of insult in combination with claims of abuse towards children said under the brave pseudonym of Anonymous is hardly going to sway opinion.

This comment is indicative of many others I have encountered from anti vaccinationists. If a child has an adverse reaction to immunisations then I can fully understand why a parent would choose to take a dim view of them. But the majority of people who hold the anti position do not have these negative personal experiences. So I wonder what drives their bitterness? My three children are fully immunised. None have experienced side effects, and are all healthy as I type. Why would someone choose to be angry at me for this? It's very odd behaviour.


  1. Wow. Haha. I guess if you TRULY believe vaccines are brain damaging kids, you think of those who use them as child abusers... Not really based in fact, tho, heh.

  2. That is odd behavior and one that I hope you don't take personally. While people can have differing opinions, what is said should be said with respect and with knowing who's saying it.

    I read early on that when you post a comment on someone's blog it's like you're sitting down with that person to tea. If you can't say it to their face over a cup of tea, you aught not to be saying it at all.

  3. Oh, wow, I am laughing at that one! I'm much less offended by the use of "fuck heads" than I am by the atrocious grammar. And the use of "retarted" clearly shows how dedicated this person is to furthering awareness and acceptance for the special needs population.