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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Beautiful Post from HammieSays blog.

Iv'e tried for the most part to share stories of hope and happy outcomes on this blog. I do this because most of us who read TTT don't need reminders about the daily battles our beautiful children face. But I am also no fan of sugar coating, or disallowing stories from the tenches on a hard day. I believe we need to create spaces for those who love someone with ASD to speak their fear and pain openly and without judgement, albeit with mindfulness in regards to maintaining the dignity of the person about whom they speak.

So today I offer a moving post, which is some years old, but I only discovered recently by LisaMaree at HammieSays blog. LisaMaree is the brilliant mum who developed the communication App, Grace App. You can find out more about this app over at her blog. She is an Australian living in Ireland and has two children with Autism.

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