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Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Warning. But Are You Listening?

This post is probably another exercise in preaching to the converted. After all anyone who may have been in the slightest bit interested in alternative therapies generally and in treating Autism specifically would have run a mile, metaphorically speaking, from this blog some time back. But in the off chance there are parents cruising the interwebs today/tonight/tomorrow who have a newly diagnosed ASD child, and are seeking ideas for treatments paths I want to put this out there.

When I took Harri for his first OT assessment, I was told he did not have Autism but did appear to have some sensory integration issues (funnily enough I don't see any obvious signs of this) and consequently a costly 'listening therapy' was recommended. However a speech therapist we saw the following day was sure Harri's issues stemmed from Glue Ear, and I therefore declined the offer to purchase said listening therapy until we had the ear issue sorted.  Of course his hearing was fine, more than fine actually. And it took the next appointment with a very experienced developmental psych to diagnose pdd-nos. We clearly dodged an expensive bullet. But I can understand how easily convinced parents would be to invest in treatments recommended by professionals. After all isn't that why we see them in the first place?

With all that in mind, I present below a short piece by Kim Wombles about these various Listening Therapies. Please share.

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