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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Got My First Blog Insult.

I wondered how long  it would take before someone came over to take a swipe at myself and this blog. To be honest I thought it would happen way before now. I comment on a lot of Autism related sites and blogs with my uniquely non dilpomatic style of communication. I know I have pissed off more than a few people along the way so am surprised it took this long to draw one out and inspire them to comment. Albeit under the brave pseudonym of Anonymous.

The comment can be seen here,

This gives me an opportunity to show those who doubted how nasty some people within the ASD community can get when they feel their particular perspective is under attack. Thanks Anonymous for providing a perfect example. Thanks also for giving me a blog topic for today.

Thanks also for allowing me to feel as if Ive now earnt my stripes in the bloggy world. All the blogs I follow have had their rabid detractors over time and I always wondered what I was doing wrong that I didn't have any. Apparently it's just a matter of time, and my moment has arrived.


  1. I hate pussies who post as Anonymous.


  2. Hang in there SS, your time will come :)

    jillsmo, it's pretty sad isnt it.

  3. WOW! they not only insulted you but other parents as well. What is proper ABA and who is anyone to say what should and shouldn't happen in a family. Everyone does what works for them. Personally I like your blog and yep eventually we all get them though I have not yet but still fairly new I'm sure my day will come.

  4. Hi Kitty Kay,
    that was the low blow in my opinjion. As Madmother points out if you judge others you have to be prepared to be judged, and I was fine about that. But the comment about one of my favourite bloggers made me see red. Way Out Of Line!

  5. Weel, love you or hate you, they are still talkin' about ya! Some people rely on bitterness and anger to fuel them. Like I always say, if you don't like what I am saying, you are free to stop reading ;o) love your blog btw!

  6. Mazel tov on your first insult! I feel like I should send you a card. :-)

    It took me over two years of blogging to bring out the, um, best in people, but I finally made the grade last month. I am so proud. I can finally hold my head up high!

  7. Haha thanks Rachel, it really is a coming of age moment for my blog.

  8. I'm with Kitty Kay, pretty shocked he insulted other parents..

    Congrats on your coming of age!! #jealous **lol**