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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Quack Bites the Dust

This topic will be better covered by other bloggers who are more familiar with the Geiers than I. But in a nutshell,  Dr Mark Geier is another anti vaccination, pro quackery scamster who flogs unproven and outrageously unethical treatments to desperate parents. The Lupron treatment he afflicted upon children with Autism is highly controversial for good reason.

Dr Geier now joins Andrew Wakefield in the halls of disgraced men and women who put profit motives ahead of ethical concerns after his medical license was recently suspended. He, like Wakefield,  exploit the fear and ignorance of parents who have fallen for the fallacy that Autism can be cured. How many more bio-med, anti immunisation heroes have to fall before parents start to question the entire industry these people make a fortune off? My guess is this will not make any difference to those parents committed to 'recovering' their kids, but at the very least this should alert them to the risks of utilising unproven, expensive and sometimes dangerous treatments.

Ive linked to a blog below that has already explored this issue and provides more insight and documentation to consider, with thanks to the author.

Also see blog list at right for up to date blogs posts on this subject. Particularly Respectful Insolence.


  1. Interesting and sad at the same time. To many people willing to take advantage of desperate people.

  2. Yes KK. I find in terribly cruel. Breaks my heart to think about it.

  3. I went and read the court papers his comment on giving Lupron to kids is chilling to me "If you want to call it a nasty name, call it chemical castration. If you want to call it something nice, say you are lowering testosterone" just sounds like he was either purposely sterilizing kids or just didn't care either way its bad.
    I also did not know how many different entities he was practicing under, just plain greed and unfortunately there will be people that are going to rally around him and his practices.

  4. This is disgusting...and the sad fact is that MD's do not like going after thier own. The fact they did say enough right there. This is disgusting...