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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Too Many.

The week is soon coming to an end and there are many wonderful clips, so today I'll do two.
Here's the very talented Daniel. What really got me about this is that he was not dx as Autistic as it appears he learnt enough social skills to get by. Something unusual for Savants. Of even more interest to me specifically is the mothers description of his first couple of years. She said if Daniel was your first child you would not have any more as he cried so much. I have said those very same words about Harri. Harri also needed the constant rocking that soothed Daniel. I'm not saying Harri is a savant. He shows no splinter skills whatsoever. But it was interesting to hear another mother describe our early experiences. I also like that this clip shows savants as both high and not high functioning, thereby once again highlighting how we cannot pigeon hole anyone with an ASD.


  1. that is amazing how his math abilities are linked to what he is confounding to me how the mind works.

  2. Very thought provoking... Just a lot to think about. Splinter skills. Are genius abilities really in contrast with overall abilities in individuals with ASD or other brain injuries? It's like all our brains are capable of SO much, but we only have so many neuropathways we can take advantage of at any given time. What are our limitations? Are there any? What could really advanced neuroscience teach us about ourselves? Interesting stuff.