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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something Much Happier

After the previous bummer post I thought it a good time to share something I am quite excited about. A new movie titled Loving Lampposts. There is a website
You can order a copy of the movie at this site. I have, and am now awaiting it's arrival. You can be sure I will blog about it post screening. In the meantime I found an inteview with the movie's creator and father of an adorable Autistic child, you may enjoy.

This father expresses perfectly my own feelings about Harri's Autism, but the aspect of this movie that has me most excited is the brilliance and insights of the Autists in the movie.  Can't wait to watch it. Tissue box on lap.


  1. I've just been reading an article about this. I'll be interested to hear your impressions.

  2. Yesterday's post was not a bummer to me. It's the cold hard reality of what we face everyday. I'm sad beyond words for the family. You putting it out here will give others pause when they see a kiddo out and about alone.

    The movie sounds great---awaiting an update!

  3. I really liked that interview. I hadn't seen the autismhangout before. Think I might like to check out some more of their videos on youtube.

  4. Diane I only happened across autismhangout while doing a lovinglampposts search. Seems like a good find.

    Lizbeth thankyou for your comment, I do hope it raises peoples awareness of the issue of wandering.