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Monday, April 4, 2011

Arthur Highlights Aspergers

I might be a bit behind the times in finding this but hopefully someone else will get a kick out of it too. The kids show Arthur is one we have watched in our home from time to time over the years.  I've always been happy for my kids to view the show due to it's non offensive content and usually has a nice message about acceptance. This episode I recently found is incredibly perceptive and sensitive. It highlights beautifully Aspergers, and it's complexities. If you have a child at school with Aspergers, or a child who knows someone with ASD or Aspergers I would recommend this.


  1. I had heard about there being a character with Asperger's on Arthur, but I had never seen this before. I think they did a nice job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, I think they really nailed the subtleties nicely. And showed the strengths and challenges so well.

  3. How wonderful! I always loved watching Arthur with my daughter when she was small, and it's awesome to see them including an autistic character so beautifully.