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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love Loving Lampposts.

Today after much anticipation, my copy of Loving Lampposts arrived. Hooray!!
Iv'e been really excited about watching this as those of you who follow this blog would know. Anyone not familiar check out the website here,

Of course I have already watched it (it arrived about 5 hours ago) and was not disappointed. It really is a great movie and I encourage anyone who is in the position to afford it to purchase a copy. Not just for yourself, but for your family, your friends, and also your children both NT and ASD. It doesn't matter what type of therapy you have chosen, or what treatments, this is a movie that looks at the issue of living with Autism, for both those on the spectrum and those of us who love them, with much compassion and respect.

I really appreciated the way the issue was approached. It made a strong case for acceptance while acknowledging that we all as parents are striving to do the best by our Autistic children. As you would expect there were some incredibly inspirational people in the film. All of whom touched me. Interestingly, whenever I watched the shorts to the movie before today I got teary, yet watching it all today not a teardrop fell. And as someone who cries at the drop of a hat, that's testiment to how good it was at addressing the issues without being overly and unecessarily emotive.

5 stars.


  1. nice one, i must get it ordered, really want to watch! Although have the temple grandin movie about 3 weeks and still haven;t watched..i know it will be great have read all her books but these days by the time the girls are in bed - i am done with autism and just need a break from it all (apart from blogs!) K behaviour is so exhausting these days but on the other hand these dvd's will prob help. Weekend away in may with just my hubbie will prob help more :)
    by the way have you seen the 'horseboy' movie, you have to watch...

  2. Kats76, sounds like you could do with a break. I think the dvds will provide some inspiration and a reminder that all the effort now will be worth it. At least we hope so;0
    I will check out the Horseboy.