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Monday, February 21, 2011

This is Shit.

You know I've been a bit smug to be honest. And now it's payback time. I've thought to myself on many more than one ocassion how glad I am that Harri doesn't engage in certain behaviours that other ASD kids can tend towards. One of those things was playing with poo. I suspect I may be smiling out the other side of my face soon enough. Harri has taken to removing his nappies. And only 10 minutes ago laid a fresh turd on our lovely recycled brick front path. Fortunately I was in time to witness the event and thus remove him henceforth to wipe his bum. As soon as I was done he rushed back to the scene of the crime, however his father had removed the offending fecal matter in the nick of time. I can only now speculate at Harri's intention when he rushed back out to see it. But I reckon some form of smearing was on the cards.

Then just 2 minutes later our 6 year old daughter had an 'accident' of the brown kind. Apparently all the anesthesia and pain medication caught up with her and the clumsiness of her new arm cast meant getting the undies down on time didn't happen. Geez, you would not want to have a weak stomach with these kids around.


  1. Uh-oh. What's Harri going to do next, now that he knows whatever it is, it needs to be without you seeing? Good luck with that...

  2. Thanks bbsmum, I suspect we are going to need a bit of luck over the coming months.You are quire right that he will probably learn to be secretive. Could be in for some nasty surprises.