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Saturday, February 19, 2011

And so it goes.

To round off a hard week my daughter jumps out of a tree and breaks her wrist right in the middle of us hosting a bbq at our home. Fortunately one of the guests was a doctor so she was willing to allow him inspection. He felt an xray would be necessary, and soon after confirmation. Broken bone, surgery needed. So last night was a sleepless one on a reclining chair in the Pediatric ward of our local hospital.

Harri of course was not particularly curious about his big sister, whom he adores, being laid up in a hospital bed with large cast and various post operative tubes. He was however fascinated with the machines attached to the tubes, and felt quite qualified to offer the nurse some operational guidance in the form of "touch the buttons", "push the buttons", turn it on" and so forth. I could only feel relief that it was Ali and not Harri with the break. He would never lie still long enough for them to xray, let alone recuperate. He would be constantly scambling towards all the buttons and control devices located at the bed head. Within 5 minutes of admission he would have the ward on a Code Blue alert by pushing the call button repeatedly. A chemical straight jacket may be the only solution lest we find ourselves in that circumstance.

It also brought to mind children with Autism being explosed to unecessary and potentially harmful medical procedures such as Chelation or Fecal Transplant. It seems to me impossible to imagine they would not require some physical restraint compounding the traumatic nature of the treatment. That really bugs me.


  1. Firstly, poor Ali, poor you! Hope she feels better soon. Secondly, yes, restraint for an unnecessary proceedure is just abominable.

  2. thanks bbsmum. All home and wine working a treat.