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Saturday, November 20, 2010


After resisting any thoughts of international travel with Harri we finally succumb. Bali is only three and a half hours in flight so we figure we can manage any flying challenges with our sanity still hanging in there. And as anticipated, travel was an adventure with him. Relaxing is not a word that comes to mind, but there were moments of peace amongst the day to day Harri wrangling. He actually handled the restrictions of movement while on the aircraft very well. And although fractious in the final hour both ways, I realise any 2 year old would struggle. (And anyone travelling with a 2 year old by choice has to be slightly mad.)

Attempting to separate 'normal' 2 year old behaviour from ASD behaviour, I have decided, is both impossible and futile. So we attempt to manage him the way we would manage him without a diagnosis. With some semblance of understanding, but not indulgence in anti social behaviours. After all, our job is to teach him, despite his quirky mind.

Fortunately he has a strong constitution so no Bali belly issues for him. Though he did contract an infection at the tail end of the trip. Again thanks to his hardy genetic stock he fought it off with some antibiotic assistance within 24 hours. Those 24 hours were not much fun. He has no problems communicating his distress. Not the kind of kid to shut down, or sleep though an illness. He cries so much you can struggle to maintain your sympathy for his plight.

So, would we do it again? Yep we would. There were times when my husband and I lamented our decision to travel with him. But in all, we believe it was a positive experience. I am mindful of how lucky we are that he is currently able to tolerate changes to his routine and environment thus allowing us the ability to travel in ways so many other families in our shoes cannot.

Though we are rethinking our plans to travel to Germany next year....

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