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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I know I'm a tad behind the times with this Halloween post, but there you go. My kids adore this event. We live in a pro halloween neighbourhood which makes it particularly enjoyable as many houses are suitably spruced up and there's a great atmosphere as locals roam the streets with ghosts, witches, zombies and scary fairies. For those reading outside Australia who don't know, Halloween is a contentious event here. Many see it as the 'Americanisation' of Australia, never mind it's an ancient Celtic celebration .  My personal thinking is it's a bit of fun and I'm not concerned about Australia losing its identity due to a one day a year event. I reckon if you're genuinely concerned about Oz becoming influenced by others countries you may want to rethink Christmas celebrations involving Santa Claus and Pine Tree style Christmas trees as well. Anyway, further to the buckets of lollies and the fun of dressing up, there's a wonderful coming together of the community. Research shows the benefits of this for all people , and I think for my kids it's particularly important to feel connected.

For those of us who worry about their children's wellbeing once we're no longer around to look over them what better gift to give than a welcoming local community? I want to impart to my kids the value of being participating members. Of knowing your neighbours and of joining in and contributing. Meandering the streets last week, talking to friends as we crossed paths, meeting people in the local area for the first time, seeing groups of older kids looking after smaller ones while trick or treating,  offered comfort. It was a reminder we are members of this little village full of good people. The benefits of this ritual extend far beyond the one night of costumes and treats.

 The kids are already counting down the days til next year after a successful night that saw them return home with full buckets of goodies.


  1. Yay! And you get to do it in daylight!!

    1. We did manage to stay out til dusk. Then it began to get scary...