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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Laser Beak Man

I've mentioned Laser Beak Man on this blog before. I know online etiquette says you should link to previous said blog pots, but stuff it, if you didn't see it the first time then you were probably doing something more interesting than read this blog. Good for you. Anyway,  I really do love LBM, and more so Tim Sharp, his creator, and even more so again, his mum, Judy. Today Harri and I met them after having occasional contact via Facebook over the years. Here's superstar Tim,

And here we all are, the artwork behind us is Tim's "Always Look On The Bright Side',

And here's Laser Beak Man,

Lastly, Harri and Tim. This picture means so much to me,

Tim and Judy's story offered a real boost back when Harri's diagnosis was new, and also since that time when we've hit some tough patches. Judy has been incredibly generous with offers of support over the years, so to finally meet and have a real life hug and chin-wag was quite awesome.

If you don't know who Tim and Judy are you can start by watching this,

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