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Friday, May 23, 2014


I happen to be a fortunate person. One manifestation of this is the ability to repel arseholes and attract good people. Consequently I know some excellent and interesting folk who I'm proud to call friends. Each year one group of said friends host a much anticipated local event, the South Fremantle International Film Festival (SFIFF). All attendees submit a 2 minute movie based on the year's allocated theme. It's a red carpet event, with statues presented for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Use of Theme, People's Choice award and so on. It's always a brilliant evening.

Modern Technology allows amateurs to play movie maker for the night. Bless you iMovie.

And so…for your viewing pleasure I present my entry into the SFIFF for 2014 - 'Trevor'. Note cameo appearance of the infamous Harri at film's end.