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Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's Going On Here?

A while back I announced I was winding back my blogging here .

 Then I started up again soon after. Then I announced I'd be stepping back from the broader politics of autism  here . Then I blogged about the broader politics of autism  here   and  here  and  here . And it occurs to me I may look slightly deranged, or at the very least remarkably inconsistent. This continual self contradiction is probably a public display of an internal struggle to work out what the hell this blog is about now, so here's some attempt at an explanation of where things are heading with TTT for the people ( hi people!) who still log in each day to see if I have anything useful to say.

Although I considered this blog would continue to be a place to share the trials and joys of raising my kiddo's I've been struck by that common ethical quandary. My kid's lives are becoming increasingly complex as they age. Though both very different in character and their autism, each is struggling to manage the minefield of the school years. There's endless fodder to write about and yet I'm aware their difficulties are something neither may want shared publicly. And I can't write about my personal perspective of navigating this hard stuff without undermining my children's right to some level of privacy.  This then leaves me talking about autism at the macro rather than at the family specific level, unless its something to be celebrated. I'm pretty sure my kids would have no qualms with me sharing their triumphs.

My post on truth and respect in autism narratives is exposure of my own challenge to know how best to talk honestly about the ways autism impacts our family, balanced against my children's right to confidentiality. There are issues we are dealing with now that are common to many other families, and perhaps sharing these difficulties will bring some insight or camaraderie to others. But if an expose' of the daily tribulations we are currently facing doesn't provide any real answers to other families, what's the point?  So here's the deal. I'll share private details when there's enough wisdom gained to be useful, and it can be written in a way that ensures the dignity my kids are due.

But there's something else that'll be happening here! I'm going to start writing about stuff. Any stuff, NON autism stuff.  I didn't stop blogging despite the threat to because I enjoy the process of writing. Not just the angst ridden autism stuff, but also the internal musings of any and everything I encounter through interactions with others, reactions to media, things that are happening in my life that go beyond the day to day grind of being a mum to kids on the spectrum. Although of course raising kids is an inherent part of my life so it will naturally meander through, in fluctuating detail, everything I write.

I know this is experimental and may lose me the regular readers who come from the autism community, but by writing about life beyond ASD I'm hoping to garner engagement with a wider audience and thereby assist my own journey back into the mainstream community after being buried in autism-land for so long. Or I might just quit. Again. And again.


  1. I figure that it is all about balance and in order to achieve this it is important to stop focusing on only autism.... You know what they say about that oxygen mask!! :-)

    1. Yep Bright Side of Life, balance is precisely what I'm striving for. I tend to fixate on topics of interest for a while, then I burn myself out on them. I figure autism is forever in my life, but it doesn't define it. I have plenty more things to waffle on about :) Thanks for your comment.

  2. I like your blog and am always interested in what you have to say so I am sure it will continue to be interesting. Kats

    1. Thanks Kats, I really appreciate it when people take the time to comment.