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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Great Resources.

I don't tend to do the April Autism Awareness stuff, as I'm quite aware of autism thanks very much, as are those who read this blog. I do sometimes use this month as an opportunity to promote awesome autistic people aside from my kids, like I did here - 
some years back.
But this year I'm more focussed on the difficulties that can come with autism, both personally and more broadly. As my last post on wandering attests, autism has challenges, along with the many fascinating and wonderful attributes it can lend. To that end I'm choosing to focus on sharing resources that I hope will help people struggling with the hard stuff during April.

One of the best practical resources, particularly for those using visuals as teaching and communication aides or doing ABA Ive discovered recently is this wonderful website,, by a mum who knows her stuff. You can find Phillippa on Facebook as well.

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