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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm At APAC.

I'm incredibly fortunate to be at the Asia Pacific Autism Conference in Adelaide. There's a large amount of sessions and speakers making it tricky to hear everything that perks my interest. So far I'm only a half day in and Ive bolted from one room to another catching 7 talks covering what parents need post diagnosis, GP education programs, genetic research (there's no evidence for folate implication in autism apparently) positive behaviour support strategies including self administered using a check list for older autistics, a guy with autism sharing his journey through school and into independent adulthood. And for me the most interesting session, what autistic kids actually learn about consequences as a result of punishment strategies.

Amongst the various esteemed attendees so far spotted are Dr Stephen Shore, Ari Ne'eman and John Elder Robison.

The big news coming out of the conference is below.

Genetic 'signature' highlights autism risk › News in Science (ABC Science)


  1. Um, you will take notes, and then share them publicly? What up. Checking out the link now. :)

    1. I took some notes Im going to have to write some stuff about it soon before I forget.