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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Because Who Doesn't Need More Drama...?

It may seem at times this blog's title is a misnomer given I rarely share our day to day tumults. I'm not sure why that is really. It was my intention when I started to be completely candid about the daily struggles of living with kids on the spectrum. Maybe it seemed a bit too miserable or raw to expose our private battles with the world? Anyway my husband and I have seen fit to up the anti in the X-treme parenting stakes. We've decided to do the unthinkable (no, not have another child, if that happens shoot me dead, please) We are embarking on a 4 week 'holiday', a term I'm using loosely, commencing in London!!! dun, dun,dun!  For those who don't know the flight from Perth to London is about 20 hours. It's not much fun even in the best of circumstances but add Harri to the mix and we have potential hell here on earth. Well 30,00 feet up for the pedants. And did I mention my daughter has developed a fear of flying? And that I am terrified of flying? So from now until the end of the trip which will be 20th July I will be blogging primarily about preparation and the brilliant travelling tips I receive, the resources I find and most importantly managing my panic attacks as the big day approaches (June 20th).

Let me share with you now tip number one, or un as they say in France. If you are contemplating travel with kids anywhere you are unfamiliar with, ask a person on the spectrum who's already been there for advice. You will receive the most detailed, helpful and well thought out guidance. Forget seasoned travellers, grey nomads and travel agents. Find yourself a friend on the spectrum who's been game enough to travel, preferably with kids. They will know every trick in the book about long haul flying, local resources, avoiding queues, airport services, quiet spots in busy cities, preparing kids, social courtesies, customs, sensory considerations, dietry considerations, crime hot spots, best seating allocations and so forth.

Stay tuned for the details amongst the nausea inducing anxiety.


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  2. Thought I would pop over and see if the 'big trip' was featured and yes it is!! I also feel like I leave out a lot of the day to day 'tumult'... When it comes to travel-the tumult becomes 'a learning experience' and anything (big or small) that actually 'works' becomes a reason for us all to rejoice like nutters!

    1. Ha, you can count on the 'nutters' part Kaz :)