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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sometimes You Get Lucky.

Last year we trialled three year old kindy for Harri. It started out wonderfully but by mid year he began to push boundaries and his teachers could no longer manage him. With his difficult behaviours escalating and the other children singling him out as the "naughty boy" I made the decision to withdraw him. I didn't want bad habits to form so early in his school life. As an alternative his therapists and I started a kindy based program at home. This involved facilitated play dates, colouring, cutting, listening and following instructions, toilet training and all the other things we thought would help prepare Harri for a fresh attempt this year.

Five weeks ago he commenced "big boy kindy". Excited to start, he waltzed into the class like a boss. His interest and motivation to be there proving a wonderful starting point. But the thing that will sustain him throughout the year will come from the school culture and the teacher's skill and understanding, and I think, just maybe, we hit the jackpot in that regard. The school, a local public one, have fallen over themselves to give him the best shot possible. Meetings last year with the school psychologist and the process to apply for aide funding were the first port of call, and a positive start. This year Harri has been blessed with a wonderful teacher and a really switched-on aide. Together they provide a wonderfully warm, stimulating and supportive environment for Harri. They are curious about him, always asking questions, and are willing to provide any resources or accommodations they feel will assist him, such as visual prompts for unstructured play times, allowing him to run laps in the playground after any prolonged sitting, and to ring the bell to signal the end of the school day (he loves the power :)

Though the chaotic class environment at times must seem overwhelming to him, it's mitigated by this blanket of care and understanding from his teachers. Better yet they have high expectations of him. He is neither molly-coddled or patronised. He is held to the same standards as the other kids, although they provide additional supports to assist him in meeting them, and Harri has proven he is more than capable. He is thriving there and I'm thrilled.

Keeping in mind things started out well last year and then nose dived I'm not yet ready to pop the champagne corks. But Im feeling increasingly optimistic. And proud. And thankful. And incredibly lucky. I know how badly the school experience can turn. And how traumatic the legacy can be. But so far I couldn't ask for better.


  1. *like*
    I'm so pleased it's all coming together for him (and you!)

  2. This sounds like a very promising start. I'll keep fingers and toes crossed that it continues throughout the school year. It sure sounds like you gave Harri a really great foundation to carry him forward.

  3. It sounds like he's off to a wonderful start. And he's so darn cute too! I hope it is (relatively) smooth sailing this year. You guys have worked hard to get to this point, and I'm glad it's a positive experience.

  4. Thanks guys, we have worked our bums off, him especially, to get to this point. Im so proud of him :)

  5. Right?? Take this bit of luck and run with it. Y'all had such a tough time last year, and y'all have worked so hard, so I think it is well deserved.

    1. Thanks SS, youve shared quite a bit of this journey with us online huh :)

    2. Uhh, YA, we both used to have widdle babies when I first started following your blog!! :)