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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Running Out Of Steam.

I've decided to wind down my blogging. Truth be told my heart hasn't been in it for quite some time, which won't come as any surprise to those who log in regularly. The gaps between posts ever increasing, and the ones that eventually appear consisting of other's experiences more than my own. I keep waiting for my enthusiasm to return, but alas it eludes me.

It's no indication of an uneventful life. Quite the opposite. My energies are now so taken up by my family and my thoughts, too many competing thoughts, to coherently articulate in succinct blog posts. I have a multitude of draft posts waiting for editing, but no motivation to do so. So I think it's time to acknowledge that my neglected blog has served its purpose, at least for now. Perhaps I will feel differently down the track.

I won't delete the page as there are links to excellent blogs and articles that parents searching for information may find useful. I will also post articles and the like that I feel compelled to share from time to time.

I'm conscious there are many people who have followed this blog, although never comment. They are in Russia, Germany, Norway, Latvia, Poland, Indonesia, Italy, the UK, the US, Canada and beyond.  Thank you for your support. Knowing people were interested in what I had to say was validating and helped reduce those feelings of isolation post diagnosis. I will still check in regularly to make sure any messages or comments are responded to. I wish all readers well in their respective journeys.

Signing off, Sharon.


  1. Good bye Sharon, it's been great reading your blog I will miss it.

  2. Thanks for all of your contributions. Best wishes as you continue your (hopefully less) tumultuous journey!

  3. Goodbye Sharon, It's a pity to see you go but I'm glad that you're leaving this excellent resource up.

    Also, in the event that in a few years time you suddenly feel like you have something you want to blog about, at least you will still have somewhere to do it.

    Best of luck with family and future.

  4. thanks for sharing your excellent blog