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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That Time Of The Year Again.

Harri's had an annual assessment since his diagnosis. This is to determine his progress in light of his ABA program. Tomorrow is that day. Trepidation builds as his behaviours become increasingly defiant. Which is cyclic not co incidental. He is not picking up on anxiety vibes from me. I am too busy to worry until we have to leave on the day. Yet I write now to acknowledged it is a time of hope and fear. The test results this year will inform his teachers when he starts kindergarten in February next year. And although I know how he performs tomorrow will have no bearing on the information his teachers will need then, I still know how much credence the assessment will be given as it has been performed by 'professionals' and not me. His dear old mum.

Anyhow. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Today is now 19th September. "The Day". I hope all has gone well for Harri's annual assessment since his diagnosis. Thinking of you and I'll be waiting to read your next blog article to see how it all went.

  2. Thanks so much Penny. It didn't go as well as I'd hoped alas. He was tired and avoidant, as usual. But we'll get the report in about three weeks to get a clear idea. These assessment always make my heart swell as they magnify his struggles in ways that I dont notice in our day to day dealings. But they also show how smart he is, when he can focus.

    1. Oh, sorry to see it didn't go as well as expected. Three weeks will feel like such a very long time. I bet your heart was swelling with the magnification of his struggles. Sending big big (((hugs))) for you.