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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Road Trip.

For the Winter school holidays we embarked on a week long road trip of the South West of Western Australia. Initial contemplation of travel to warmer climes such as Vietnam were put to bed when consideration of flying further than 3 hours with our kids generated a cold sweat. So a road trip adventure was planned. And given our kids are good long distance travellers, by land, all was set for a journey filled with big trees and beautiful scenery.
 There were times during the hours of being car bound I wished Harri was not in the middle of toilet training as nappies rather than side of the road voiding (about every 30 minutes) would have been much simpler.  Yep, that kid has left his mark on every Shire in the South. But each time we arrived at our destination the memories of inconvenience of a kid with a tiny bladder evaporated.
It was bliss to have days rolled out ahead that didn't involve therapy, school runs, kindergarten, shopping and all the other daily drudgeries. To simply travel, explore, then retreat to our accommodation to rest and regroup.
And in the final leg we ended at our property in a tiny town called Nannup where we were joined by friends and family. More days spent doing not much of anything. Drinking wine, lighting fires, letting the kids run wild and mud soaked in the dam and toasting marshmallows at night.

With a tad of fossicking for diamonds thrown in by following a map we found in a book I bought my daughter about gem stones of the SouthWest.
Now we are home again. And the magic of the week has faded faster than the shooting stars we spotted around the night fires. Sigh!


  1. The pee'ing on everything stage is actually kind of fun with a boy. Just make ure he can tell you when he needs a No 2. That is a little more difficult to hide..

  2. Don't even get me started on number 2's. He has gone from being fully trained with them, to not at all. I am beyond disappointed and frustrated.

  3. Your photo caught my attention, because it reminds me of the Redwood Forest in California. Australia entrigues me. My daughter went there as a student ambassador in June of 2008. She left our hot summer tempuratures, to return 19 days later with a cold. :) I'd love to visit your country some day, but someone would have to knock me out to be on a flight that long. ;)

    1. DeeAnn I feel the same about the US. I have a close friend in New York right now as an artist in residence and all the pics she posts have me pining for a trip to The Big Apple and beyond. But that flight.....with young kids...forget it :)

  4. Looks like a fantastic family holiday with lots of fun for all. Great memories I'm sure.