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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kids In The Cafe

In preparation for running a home based ABA program once again I've got myself into a creative mood. Harri's verbal skills are thankfully strong, and his learning rate solid. His greatest challenges at the moment are socially based, and each week he attends a three year old kindy for interaction with typically developing peers. This helps 'expose' where his social gaps are and we then work on those at home. Twice a week he has a play date with another three year old boy who sits somewhere close to Harri on the spectrum, and they have a directed play ABA date. The boys really enjoy these sessions and they are brilliant to watch.

In anticipation of Harri's little friend coming next week Iv'e set up a 'cafe' for some imaginary play. This simple set up allows us to practice turn taking, social communication, motor skills, waiting, focus to task, imagination and the list goes on.

The pic above is of Harri having a practice run as the barista, while his sister, suitable dressed up for the occasion, awaits her baby chino. 


  1. Looks like a lot of fun to be had!!! Oh and I wonder if he is able to make an imaginary hot chocolate. Yum! Seriously... enjoy your imaginary cuppa and slice of cake or biscuit with Harri!!!

  2. Wow! That whole set up sounds incredible, I *love* it!! And the little cafe is such a cute idea, I hope they have/had loads of fun!

  3. They do enjoy it. One thing my kids have no problem with is imaginary play :)