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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Global Accessibility Map for Autism.

I came across this nifty idea by disability advocate Rick Hansen. It's a global map that allows people with disabilities that affect mobility to find out ahead of time the most accessible public spaces. It's a public review system. I thought something similar for people on the spectrum would be useful. Particularly taking into account sensory issues and alternative communication options. It would also be a blessing for parents who need to know ahead of time what public spaces will be safe for their children, especially those such as my son who like to run off.

I don't have the time or expertise right now to put something like this together but perhaps by getting the idea out someone, somewhere might? I'm sure there are many others who have considered this possibility before me. Or maybe Rick Hansen might consider broadening the criteria for the map above to include the difficulties people with autism navigate? Anyway just a thought.