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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Found a Boy Version of Me.

It's Australia Day. So in celebration I will link to something humorous. I saw the Youtube clip below doing the rounds recently. It's following the meme of 'shit people say',  and I adore it.  Have to admit I've acted like this on way too many occasions. Yes I am a skeptic, and at times I am arrogant, opinionated and jump to refute others in a way that does little to engender a positive outcome. I always regret it afterwards, but that's how I am. Once I'm certain of a particular point of view I tend to become rigid and resistant to others perspectives. However since my introduction to the autism community and the myriad of splits within I have found it  important to stay open to other points of view. Even when they are opposed to my own. It's just one more way my sons autism has bought a multitude of silver linings to what I initially perceived to be a very grey cloud. I'm continually pushed to become a more tolerant and open minded person. Failing much of the time, but trying despite myself.

Anyway enjoy!


  1. HAHA HAHA HAHAHAHA!! Omg love it. "You know that actually doesn't... do anything, right?" haha. Aw.

  2. I can't count the amount of times Iv'e said that SS :)