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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Ten: Joys of parenting an autistic child

As we move into 2012 I'd like to kick off on a positive note. The nice article below lists some of the positive aspects that come from raising a child on the autism spectrum. The points resonated with me.

 If I could add another to the list it would be my admiration and wonder at how my son finds fascination in the ordinary, and even mundane. His latest interest is down water drains and pipes. Objects that exist everywhere, and I had barely noticed, are now a regular source of conversation. When walking we observe buildings to see where the pipes are located. Harri gets a huge buzz from me holding him up in order to view our neighbours series of pipes. And actually as time has gone on and we have talked about these drains I have come to see they are interesting in terms of function and where they might lead to. There's something mysterious about them that I think mesmerise him.

I'm mindful of the fact that my son and I are incredibly fortunate to have conversations about these things. That so many children are still struggling to find ways to communicate even the most basic of needs, and the subsequent frustration and heartbreak must be at times overwhelming for all involved. It's easy for me to be positive when we have less hurdles to overcome.

I hope that at least one point in the list below will connect with readers.

Top Ten: Joys of parenting an autistic child


  1. You've brought back a memory for me regarding my son and the pipes.

    When he was much younger Edward loved looking at the "pipes" screensaver on my computer. If I left the computer unattended for a short while I would find him staring at it and it took a lot of effort to turn it off and redirect him to something else. I think if I left it on the screen he would have sat there for hours mesmorised.

    In case you've not seen this one - The screen saver would build pipes of different colours that would start with one pipe and then add other pipes that would intertwine around the existing ones. He was fascinated!

    This was before he was verbal so he never discussed anything about it with me.

    Oh and I like the link for "Top Ten: Joys of parenting an autistic child"

    Maybe Harri might be an architect one day or an

  2. Hi Penny, I dont know the screensaver but it sounds like Harri's dream. He does have an engineers mind it seems. Or perhaps a plumbers?

  3. Hi Maddy, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I enjoyed looking around over at your blog.