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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Love You!

The words I waited so long to hear. A declaration of love exclaimed as Harri was coming down the stairs at his therapy centre. And said to....his therapist.


  1. Bugger. I know how you feel.

    But once he understands what it means he will tell you. A lot. That has been my experience.

  2. Thanks Ajax. I laughed. And wondered what he was thinking when he said it. I assume he doesnt understand it's significance, Perhaps he has heard us say it to him and so thought it would be interesting to try it out on someone? Who knows. It was one of the very many times I wished I could read his mind.

  3. I've still never heard my 9 year old son say "I love you". I say it every single night when tucking him into bed and many other times but it's never said back.

    My daughter says it to me (it's so lovely to hear those words) but my son simply says the word "yes" after I tell him I love him.

    I'm still waiting to hear "I love you".

  4. Penny I hope in your case the first time he says those words they are to you. After nine years I would not find it amusing to hear Harri say it to his therapist :)

  5. We do it as an intra-verbal: I say "and remember" and the kids say "I love you" - its thanks to the purple dinosaur but it works for me.