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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Revisiting the BAP.

Some time back I blogged about the Broad Autism Phenotype online test here.

Recalling from my social work days that each time I took the same personality test the results came out differently, thought I might do the BAP again.  Here's my latest scores. (I can hear Ajax author of this blog, laughing all way from Tasmania).

I'm introducing this topic again as new readers may not be aware of the test, which as explained in my previous post on the topic is no substitute for a professional assessment, but the results do offer a small window of insight into how some of us may carry around strong traits in common with those with autism. Albeit in no way disabled by them, at least to any great extent.

Let me know your score if you feel inclined. Last time the results shared were very interesting.


  1. Thanks Hamie,
    thing is, I just checked the link to my score and it's changed. THe original test score was far more impressive. Blogger seems to have disagreed and given me someone elses test results...