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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Happy Harri.

Harri is a massive fan of Laser Beak Man who Iv'e mentioned on this blog previously When we first discovered the one and only Youtube clip of Laser Beak Man Harri insisted watching it every morning, repeatedly. I knew there were more in the series than the one we found, yet despite hunting around had no luck finding them. Then I had a brain wave. What if I email the creator and ask him where we can get the rest? I did, and within a day we had a response from Tim's mum kindly offering to send the series of 8 to us. Imagine my grateful reply.

Anyway today Laser Beak Man's letter arrived in the post for Harri. Not only the DVD with all 8 episodes but a badge, and a series of cards with Tim's artwork featuring of course, Laser beak Man. The cards are now proudly displayed on the shelf in his bedroom. A package of awesomeness and a very happy Harri as the pics above show.