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Monday, October 3, 2011

Harri's One Year Anniversary.

So we've hit the one year mark since Harri's, 'we think it's Aspergers but he's too young so we'll call it PDD-NOS' diagnosis. And what a remarkable year it has been. I wonder sometimes what my life would look like if Harri had not been diagnosed with an ASD. Pointless exercise I know, but given Autism has become my preoccupation it is a curious thought to entertain

Over the twelve months Iv'e learnt a lot about Autism. About disability. About my own ignorance. About the incredible spectrum of neuro-diversity. About the heart-wrenchingly impossible circumstances some families face. About the incredible resilience of others. About the appalling lack of resources available to our children and families, despite their numbers, and hardships.

Iv'e learnt that some friends really weren't. And other friendships were consolidated. Iv'e learnt that many people don't get it, and don't really want to. And others are willing to join the crash course with you.

Iv'e learnt what really matters. To me at least. And to be mindful that things I once accepted as a right are actually luck of the draw. There's no guarantees. And that I still have a lot to learn in how to handle that fact with good grace.

The panic and anxiety I felt a year ago has since been replaced with optimism and awe. A genuine sense of being blessed with a very special little boy. This story could be a far more difficult one to tell. I know how fortunate we are. Harri is verbal, intelligent, healthy and happy. What more could I ask for?

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