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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Changes. Forwards or Backwards?

We celebrated Harri's third birthday last weekend. This event has coincided with some old behaviours revisiting us. In particular whinging and echolalia. Most parents of young children on the spectrum will appreciate the apprehension that comes with such. Regression is an ever present fear. I find myself watching carefully during his therapy sessions in order to detect any signs he is losing previously mastered skills. I pay close attention to his use of speech. Is it different? Is his eye contact, spontaneously improved over the last few months, lessening? So far it does not seem there is any clear backsliding, just a change.

Harri has early onset autism so I have not endured the pain of watching a once seemingly normal child slip into a world of their own.  But still this article below really spoke to me.

Beautifully written, I know many of you will relate.

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