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Monday, September 12, 2011

Introducing a New Blog.

The blogosphere is enormous and growing all the time. For me, and many others it's been an ideal way to connect with likeminded parents who are also walking the path of parenting a child on the Autism spectrum. Many of these parents also have an ASD diagnosis, and reading about their perspective opens a window of insight for us NT's who are keen to understand the world through their eyes.

With that in mind I want to take the opportunity to introduce readers of this blog to another I recently discovered and enjoy. The author, Ajax, is the mother of a child with Autism and is on the spectrum herself. As her profile states, some find her abrasive. Well that's something she and I have in common. That and a dry sense of humour, a critical eye and keen bullshit detector. I've added her blog, Scratching The Surface, to my blog list. In the meantime click the link below for a look.