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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Moments From the Spectrum

This week I am highlighting the amazing abilites of some of those with Autism. While 'splinter skills' as they are sometimes called, such as maths genius and musical savants are not common, they are incredible and for that reason get plenty of press. I understand this can lead to misconceptions about ASD in general, take  Rain Man for example. This movie probably had an impact on how many people imagine those with Autism behave. And some do. But plenty do not. All that aside people on the spectrum do have tendencies towards fixations and obsessions, and an astounding ability to focus on a singular topic in depth. This means when something piques their interest they can become very knowledgeable or skillful in that area. Often Autists display such profound ability in their area of expertise that the media will run with the story, and nowadays that means getting uploaded to youtube. That means I can bring to you, via this blog some contemporary stories of amazing people doing incedible things. Some are clearly able to achieve their feats not despite Autism, but because of it.

Most people with Autism won't make the news due to their remarkable achievements. Most will struggle with communication, social interactions, and anxiety. Life will be difficult for them and the people who love them. I don't want to underplay the reality of Autism. But this week I want to celebrate the capacity of the astounding Autistic mind. I'll start with a heart warming story. Grab your tissues and hit play.


  1. I love that video every time I see it. I don't know what's more impressive: the young man's basketball skills, or the incredible support of his teammates and the crowd.

  2. Yes Rachel that's what gets me blubbering every time. The students support for him is just so heartwarming.