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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blogger Block.

I have it. The dreaded block.

Strange that my life is so overwhelmingly busy yet I cant think of a damn thing to write about. There's the apathy of following the ABA schedule for Harri, the reluctance by all of us to use the PECS. There's the parents of ASD kids group I recently commenced attending, there's the continual stream of Harri-isms I could list. Discontent with service providers and when to change. There's the excellent book, The Panic Virus, I am currently reading. My campaign to motivate adults to get their booster for Whooping Cough due to a resurgence of Pertussis. Yep there's plenty of fodder but I just can't muster the ideas and subsequent sentences.



  1. I totally know the feeling .....

    *trail off*

  2. Seriously. Putting more than two coherent sentences together in a row has been hard for me lately too. Maybe we could all just agree to pretend that we're writing great posts and exchange knowing glances with each other.

  3. Yep Stimey, I am in with that idea. jillsmo would be down for that too I'm sure.