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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What will Happen when I Die?

This is the question that seems to unite all parents of children on the spectrum. Despite all the animosity and arguing about the causes of Autism, and the correct treatment path, one unifying concern is who will care for our kids when we no longer can? I imagine the parents of the man in the story below shared this worry. They needn't have. He turned out great . Autisms First Child is now in his 70's. You  can read how his life unfolded. And I hope gain some comfort.,

Autism’s First Child - The Atlantic


  1. Thanks for sharing that link. I watched the video and found it very interesting.
    I am an adult Aspie, I also have dyslexia. Both of my children are on the spectrum and my Dad is diagnosed with Autism.
    My blog is a place where I can be me, something I have hidden from the world all my life.
    Love and hugs. xx :)

  2. So glad you came by alienhippy. I'm on my way over to say hi to your blog.

  3. I had come across this once before and find it tremendously encouraging. I'm glad you've posted it here to help keep it circulating.

  4. Thanks Diane,
    His parents must have been very loving and dedicated to go against the advice of the day. What a shame we can't know what things they did at home with him to assist in his development.