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Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is Nice.

Wanted to share this. I really enjoyed it.


  1. Loved it!! It's something I've thought about a long time and actually talked with other parents about in support groups. People need to see our beautiful children! I was so scared and devistated when I realized what was going on with my son. That was the real face of autism right there, with a very direct and honest explanation. Haha, not too artsy and "Autism is always completely beautiful!" and not gloom and doom either.

    I think we need more videos like this out there! Aw! (Of course, always keep your children safe and all that, too, no filming them in front of your house with the street sign and house number all visible, haha).

  2. I really enjoyed that post, thank you. That kid was so adorable, it brought tears to my eyes. I liked this post too, just thought I'd share..

    Thanks again, was feeling a little blue, but that was just so cute!

  3. Thanks MM, will check ou that link. Hope you are feeling better soon.