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Monday, January 17, 2011

Whooping Vac.

News headlines just on the telly saying free Whooping Cough Vaccines will be available due to a recent spike in the illness amongst babies here in Western Australia. (I thought they were free, but anyway) Three guesses who I blame? Clue...see posts below. These spikes have been occurring around the globe of late, due mainly it seems to declining immunisation rates. I have never seen a baby with Whooping Cough but am reliably informed by those who have that it is an awful sight. And of course very dangerous for the bubba. Especially those who are still too young to have received their shots yet.


  1. Sharon I think you're pretty accurate regarding who is to blame.
    It's not quite on the topic but this group has done some good work in the past year:

  2. Great thanks for that, will check it out.