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Friday, January 14, 2011

Up, Up and ..Up.

So what's the deal with ASD kids and climbing? After asking around it seems there is a group of these kids, probably the sensory seeker type like Harri, who love to climb. They don't seem to have any fear of height, or fear of much at all. Unlike so many other Autisitic children who are often anxious and overwhelmed, these kids seem to steamroll their way through their sensory overload.

In the last couple of weeks I have had to remove chairs if they were located next to larger pieces of furniture as they had become a means to scrambling up onto chest of drawers, study desks, and wardrobes. Just a few days ago, I walked into the loungeroom to see Harri looking at me through the window. From the outside. He had crawled out onto the ledge. Fortunately the room is on the ground floor.

Whilst all this gross motor skill practice is great for his brain there is a down side. He often gets stuck, and when dangling precariously from the top of a cupboard he does not know to call out for help. It isn't until I hear him start to whimper or cry that I know he is in trouble. Then run around the house trying to locate him before he drops. Never a dull moment.

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