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Thursday, January 27, 2011

So Long Fantasy Land.

Having kids can often lead to marriage meltdowns, and I suppose having a kid with additional needs probably adds to the occasional tanty. So as a treat to us my ever lovin hubby arranged a country get away for the family at a lovely spot we spent some time at pre kids. Sounds great right? Here's the thing, and there always seems to be a thing since Harri. The beautiful self contained chalets are in a forest. With no fence, no enclosed yard. Just 100 acres of wonderful wilderness. And guess who finds the miles of Jarrah and Karri tress providing home to poisonous spiders, snakes, scorpions (killed a baby one in our room when we arrived) centerpedes and so on incredibly enticing. Yep i know you've guessed. So I thought, what were we thinking, having now thought to apply some thinking. And I know what it was.

We were harking back to the time when our 6 year old was Harri's age which is when we were last here. How much she adored feeding the kangaroos that come right up to the door. How thrilled she was to share the outdoor spa at night with mummy and daddy and star gaze. How much fun it was to go to the local wineries and be served up bowls of chips and lemon squash while her parents sampled wines. Always responsibly of course. So it was with a sense of deluded regression we made the decision to come here again. But now I know it's time to let go of past stories. Time to be creating some new ones. Stories that have fences, and walls and locked gates. And no TV's and DVD players at eye level.

This afternoon, when Harri awakes, we intend to have a lunch at a local brewery. It has a lake. I suspect that will be the last trip there too. At least with our funny little guy in tow we spend more time running around than sitting drinking. He may be sending me prematurely grey but my liver is thankful.


  1. Oh yes, I've done this many times: tried to re-create the past, hoping autism could fit into the picture unnoticed. It never does! It takes time to start creating new traditions, but it's well worth it. Hope you got a bit of time to relax (who am I kidding???)

  2. Thanks bbsmum. The brewery wasn't too bad. The NT kid was the hard work for a change.